Chile Con Carne: How Can I Eat Thee?

Chili is such a versatile dish, with such a variety of ways to “dress” it and eat it, that it makes me feel downright poetic:

Chilie Con Carne: How Can I Eat Thee?

How can I eat thee? Let me count the ways:
On hot dogs, on ‘taters, on chips with hot
peppers. On top of spaghetti’s a riot
of flavors. On top of cream cheese you may
heat just a bit, then add in some chips — hey,
you’ve got dip! Fill up tortillas, roll hot
and add cheese. Sour cream? Oh yes, a shot
if you please! Diced onion, hot peppers — pay
attention, there’s more! — sour cream, grated
cheese, and crackers — there are dressings galore!
Pasta, and rice, macaroni, fry bread,
Chili-ritos and nachos — sí, we adore.
Chili, oh chili — hot, spicy, and red,

Chili makes leftovers be so much more!

Do you think Elizabeth Barrett Browning will ever find it in her heart to forgive me?

Not only does chili freeze well, meaning you can easily make up a big ol’ pot of it and then freeze up portions for tasty meals later, it is also so versatile that you can eat the leftovers for the next several days and not feel as though you’re having the “same” meal again and again.

Just a few examples — each of which, of course, you “dress” as you like with your favorite accompaniments (e.g., sour cream, grated cheese, cheese sauce, diced onion, jalapeño, black olives, green chilies — whatever makes you happy!):

  • Chili over fries = chili fries
  • Chili over tortilla chips = nachos
  • Chili as a filling in and over rolled flour tortillas = “chili-ritos” (as opposed to burritos)
  • Chili over rice
  • Chili over macaroni
  • Chili on spaghetti
  • Chili on a baked potato
  • Chili on hot dog = chili dog (of course!)
  • Chili on tater tots = chili tots 😉
  • Chili as a soup/stew with crackers (oyster or saltine)
  • Chili as a soup/stew with tortilla chips
  • Chili on fry bread = Navajo (or Indian, as in “Native American”) taco (yes, they’re usually made with pinto beans, but chili works, too!)
  • Chili layered with pasta and/or chips = a variety of casseroles
  • Chili over a bit of Neufchâtel cream cheese along with chips = tasty dip
  • Chili over enchiladas in place of enchilada sauce

Well, you get the idea…the versatility of chili is virtually limitless…and every single one of them smell (and taste) yummy!


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I love tasty food prepared in a healthy way with a budget in mind.
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7 Responses to Chile Con Carne: How Can I Eat Thee?

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  4. LinnieGayl says:

    Rats! I wrote a comment and it disappeared.

    You’re right, chili is very easy to freeze. Whenever I make a big pot I freeze up a couple individual servings. But I’ll have to admit I’ve never done anything creative with my chili. However, served on top of a baked potato sounds very tempting.

    • MissieLee says:

      Linnie, I hate those disappearing comments!!

      If you let your imagination work a bit, you can come up with a lot of different ways to incorporate chili into very different meals from just the tasty bowl of chili. One time, after reviewing all the odds and bits in my ‘fridge and pantry, I cooked up some jumbo pasta shells, filled them with a mixture of reduced-fat ricotta cheese mixed with an egg and some diced green onion, placed in a casserole dish and used the chili as a “sauce,” and baked it up in the oven ’til heated through. Delish, and it used up all the bits and bobs of things I had, while making us an entirely new meal!

  5. Mike says:

    nice sonnet 🙂 and the leftovers were great!

    • MissieLee says:

      Thanks, Mike 🙂 We did enjoy those leftovers, didn’t we? Three meals for us from the initial pot of chili, and the last bit tucked away in the freezer for another treat yet to come (probably chili dogs). 🙂

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