Bleu Moon

Coleslaw is a natural accompaniment to BBQ, and so it was a no-brainer for us to include on the menu when we asked some friends over to help us welcome spring. I have a few variations on coleslaw, but hubby’s favorite, hands down, is my Bleu Cheese Coleslaw — he doesn’t want to eat coleslaw any other way!

Bleu (or blue) cheese coleslaw is quick and easy to put together. It goes with everything you’d normally pair with coleslaw — such as battered fried fish, BBQ, and the like — as well as with many of the things you’d pair with a tossed green salad, such as steak or pasta dishes.

I first made bleu cheese coleslaw when inspired by 1) the “barefoot contessa at home” cookbook my dear son gifted me with one Christmas, which has a bleu cheese coleslaw recipe in it and 2) my mom telling me of her experimentation with bleu cheese cabbage salad when she was wanting a salad but only had cabbage and bleu cheese dressing on hand.

I like to use grape or cherub tomatoes because not only do they keep well in the salad (and don’t make it look “pink” by “bleeding” all over it), it also makes it easier for folks who don’t like tomato to avoid the tomato bits.

This is best to make a wee bit ahead of time — not too long, but a wee bit — as the flavors get better as they meld together. But it’s pretty tasty when it’s freshly tossed, too. It keeps for several days in the refrigerator. Using the pre-packaged “coleslaw” mix makes it faster and easier, but you can certainly grate/finely chop up your own cabbage and bit of carrot (if desired), too.

It’s so yummy, you’ll think that the moon must be made of bleu cheese 😉 (Go on. Give it a listen. You know you want to!)



Bleu (Blue) Cheese Coleslaw (Makes as much or as little as you want)

  • Desired amount of packaged coleslaw mix or chopped/shredded/diced cabbage (and a wee bit of grated carrot, if desired)
  • Sprinkling of crumbled bleu cheese
  • Dollop of your favorite bleu cheese dressing
  • Desired amount of grape or cherub tomatoes (optional, but I really think they add something)
  • Coarse ground black pepper
  1. Place desired amount of coleslaw mix or chopped/shredded/diced cabbage in a medium to large size bowl (size depends upon the amount of cabbage).
  2. Sprinkle in a wee bit of crumbled bleu cheese. (And I do mean a wee bit — remember, you can always add more, but it’s pretty much impossible to take back.)
  3. Add in desired amount of tomatoes (if adding in tomatoes).
  4. Add a dollop of bleu cheese dressing (and once again, just a bit — it takes much less than most folks think, and of course, you can add in more, but it’s impossible to take back out).
  5. Add coarse ground black pepper to taste and toss gently. Add additional crumbled bleu cheese and dressing(and tomatoes) if needed, but it remember that you really don’t need much and that the flavors will develop as it all hangs out in the ‘fridge — this is more like a tossed salad. (Look at the picture above — it looks pretty much like a tossed salad, doesn’t it?)
  6. Enjoy! Leftovers will keep for several days in the ‘fridge.

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I love tasty food prepared in a healthy way with a budget in mind.
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10 Responses to Bleu Moon

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  5. LinnieGayl says:

    I made this for the first time last summer, and it’s wonderful! I’ve also made it with broccoli slaw, and love it. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so that I start craving coleslaw again.

  6. Mike says:

    yep, this is the only way to have cole slaw 😉

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