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Brown or White?

And no, I’m not talking brown or white eggs 😉 — brown or white rice? Last night, I made us some Chinese food for supper. And when I make Chinese at home, I’ve taken to making Fried Brown Rice to accompany … Continue reading

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A Tisket, A Tasket…

…let’s wrap up this Easter basket! 😉 The remaining items from our Easter brunch — champagne punch and mixed fruit — are so simple and straightforward that they don’t warrant their own blog entries. I also have a few other … Continue reading

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Biscuits. Angels? Angel Biscuits!

The word biscuit is a perfect example of countries “being divided by a common language.” 😉 Here in the U.S. — most especially in the South — biscuit generally refers to a quick bread (something rather like what those in the U.K. … Continue reading

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It’s Brunch! I Mean Lunch! Er, How’s About Supper??

When we decided to have an Easter Brunch, it didn’t take me long to choose Green Chilies Casserole with Corn and Black Bean Salsa as the main. I discovered this gem in my Betty Crocker Cookbook (The Big Red Cookbook) several years ago, … Continue reading

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Ava’s First Easter!

This past Sunday, the kids (son and daughter-in-law) came to spend the day and let our little grand-daughter, the beautiful and perfect Miss Ava Corinne, meet some more members of the family. In honor of the kids’ coming home and … Continue reading

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Do You See…

…Bunnies? 😉 It’s Easter Eve, so it’s certainly time to be seeing bunnies. I know we’ve been watching a couple of bunnies running and chasing each other through our pasture and yard this past week. They’ve been practicing for Easter, … Continue reading

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Kebab. Er…Kabob. Um…K-Bob? Satay!?

Okay, now it’s starting to sound like a country and western song. 😉 Wikipedia tells us: Kebab…is a wide variety of meat dishes originating in Persia and later on adopted by the Middle East and Turkey, and now found worldwide. … Continue reading

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