Ava’s First Easter!

This past Sunday, the kids (son and daughter-in-law) came to spend the day and let our little grand-daughter, the beautiful and perfect Miss Ava Corinne, meet some more members of the family.

In honor of the kids’ coming home and to celebrate Ava’s first Easter, we decided to have a brunch at home with my dear hubby, Andy, Amy, little Miss Ava, and my mom before heading up to my in-laws for the larger family shindig and Easter dinner.

When deciding on the menu, I wanted it to be nutritional and well-balanced, of course, but also easy to prepare and flexible — easy to keep warm if the kids got delayed or left a bit later than they’d originally intended (which is what happened — our brunch turned more into an early lunch, but that was just fine!). It was pretty easy for me to come up with our menu:

The green chilies casserole comes together quickly and easily — especially if you already have your cheese grated (I did that the day before). The Angel Biscuit dough can be made up ahead of time — you just roll or pat it out when you’re ready to bake it. The link turkey sausage cooks up in about 5 to 10 minutes and then I just kept it warm along with the casserole and biscuits. I prepared most of the fruit the day before and just finished mixing the fruit together that morning. And the champagne punch is incredibly easy.

We dyed eggs (used to help make our table festive) the day before. My brilliant hubby, the Prince of Improvisation, fashioned holders for the eggs to dry by cutting sections from an old gift-wrap cardboard tube:

I wanted to set a festive table that brought forth thoughts of Easter and Spring. I cut fresh mint and rosemary from our yard and placed it in a variety of glassware on the table:

Fresh Rosemary and Mint

My cheery bunny figurines help set the Easter mood:

Finely Diced Strawberries in the Champagne Glass, Awaiting the Punch!

I followed the easy directions in my Williams-Sonoma Complete Entertaining Cookbook and used two contrasting napkins to make a napkin bouquet:

To make serving easy — and to avoid having to put the leaf into our table — I placed our piano bench and a TV tray near the dining table to serve as buffets. (We were hungry by that time, so no pics of that. 😉 )

The green chilies casserole was a big hit — my daughter-in-law declared it the best casserole she’s ever eaten (I sent the rest of it home with them):

Green Chilies Casserole

I used my late maternal Ma-maw’s recipe for the Angel Biscuits. It was my first time making them (yes, yes, you’re not “supposed” to try a new recipe for a special event, but I’m an intrepid soul in the kitchen), and I was a bit nervous, but Mom said they tasted “exactly like Momma’s.” 🙂 (I sent the rest of the dough home with the kids.)

Angel Biscuits

The mixed fresh fruit was a big hit, as well — I sent some home with the kids. Hubby has been enjoying the remainder with a bit of Lite Cool Whip; I’ve been enjoying it alone or with some plain Greek yogurt.

Mixed Fresh Fruit

It all equaled a joyous — and YUMMY! — Easter 🙂

Recipes will be forthcoming in future entries.


About MissieLee

I love tasty food prepared in a healthy way with a budget in mind.
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4 Responses to Ava’s First Easter!

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  3. LinnieGayl says:

    What a wonderful feast you made for this special day! Everything looks just delicious.

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