Nice and Easy

It’s still h-o-t here. And believe me, I’m as tired of saying it (and sweating through it) as y’all are of hearing it.

But anyway, I wanted an easy, light supper tonight.

As a result, this is another post that’s short and sweet.

Kinda like me. 😉

After enjoying a tasty lunch out at Kitchens Hardware & Deli (hubby and I were celebrating its being Saturday and having completed three work projects in this past week), we decided we wanted our supper on the lighter side, and we both thought “Fish! We’ve not had fish in a while.”

So, I snagged a 3 pound bag of frozen tilapia fillets (3 pounds for $10 at WalMart). Tilapia is a lean (100 calories per 4 ounce serving) and versatile fish source. (And yes, this is farm-raised tilapia, which, apparently, has garnered bad press for not being “healthy.” However, I don’t see any alarm triggers for me when I look at the nutrition label — 100 calories per 4 ounces, 2.5 grams fat, 1 gram of which is saturated…*shrug*).

Tilapia is so versatile, I’ve prepared in it a variety of ways — and thus far, we’ve enjoyed all of them.

For tonight’s supper, we’re doing baked potato on the grill (we’re both craving baked potato lately — I imagine we’re wanting the potassium, perhaps?), artichoke hearts (I’ve got a package of ’em in the freezer), and Pan-Fried Tilapia.

My pan-fried tilapia is a recipe inspired by Sandra Lee’s recipe. Yes, yes, semi-homemade Sandra Lee can be easy to make fun of (apparently she’s caused a scandal with an absolutely horrific Kwanzaa cake, Hanukkah cake, and a lasagna made with condensed tomato soup), but sometimes, I find that she does something that gives me some inspiration for something yummy and fun.

This is so yummy — and so nice and easy! — that you’ll find yourself singing along with ol’ Blue Eyes. (Go on, take 185 seconds out of your life and give it a listen — it’ll brighten up your day, you know it will!)

Pan-Fried Tilapia (Makes about 4 servings; easy to adjust up and down)

  • Approximately 1 1/2 pounds of tilapia fillets
  • Wee bit of olive or canola oil
  • Butter or margarine (tablespoon or two)
  • Healthy splash of lemon juice
  • Lemon zest (OPTIONAL)
  • Splash of white wine (optional)
  • Bit of minced garlic (or garlic powder)
  • Parsley to taste
  • 1/4 cup or so of flour seasoned to taste: I use some lemon pepper seasoning and a bit of something called “Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Pepper,” but use whatever appeals to you)
  1. Season flour to taste. Lightly dredge tilapia fillets in flour.
  2. Heat a lightly oiled non-stick skillet over medium to medium-high heat. Cook fillets until done (they flake easily), about 3 minutes per side, sprinkling with more lemon-pepper seasoning, if desired. Remove to a plate or platter.
  3. Reduce heat in skillet if necessary. Add in butter, minced garlic, lemon juice (and lemon zest, if using), splash of white wine (optional), and parsley. Simmer, stirring constantly, for a couple of minutes. Pour over fish and serve.
  4. Refrigerate any leftovers.



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I love tasty food prepared in a healthy way with a budget in mind.
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2 Responses to Nice and Easy

  1. LinnieGayl says:

    That sounds easy and tasty!

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