Late to the Party

Hi there!

Have y’all despaired of ever hearing from me again?

Have you worried that I don’t love you any more?

Well, fret no more. If any of y’all have been missing me, please know that I’ve been juggling work, taxes (being self-employed, I’m nearly always dealing with or thinking about taxes in one form or another), and an illness (a severe bout of stomach flu greatly complicated by a fall when I fainted resulted in some slow-recovering injuries).

I’m now feeling better, though, and am looking forward to more blogs, several of which I already had planned when life events conspired to make me put this blog on a back burner.

Just before life events made me pause on my blog, I was scoping out a recipe a friend had posted that interested her. Below the recipe, there was a list of other links, one of which referred to a movement called “Meatless Mondays.”

Meatless Mondays? Really? I’d never heard of it before. Intrigued, I followed through on that link to learn more.

It turns out that Meatless Monday is what it sounds like — a movement to encourage folks to not eat meat for one day a week. According to Wikipedia, the Meatless Monday movement has been around since 2003, so I’m rather late to the party. 


I have friends who are vegetarians, but although hubby and I enjoy meatless meals from time to time, it had never really occurred to me to make more of a regular habit of meatless meals.


The Meatless Monday website ( suggests that if going meatless all day is too much, try to just make one meal a day meatless.

With that in mind, I got to thinking that just trying to make three meals a week meatless (say, a breakfast, lunch, and supper, or maybe two breakfasts and one supper, or two lunches and one supper) would be the same net equivalent as having a Meatless Monday and would be imminently doable for us. No, it’s not quite the same as going meatless for a 24 hour period, but it would result in reducing our meat consumption the equivalent amount.

Why try to reduce your meat consumption a bit? Here’s a fun and quick explanation that will give you some food for thought:

I broached the idea with my hubby, who was more than happy to get on board. He quickly pointed out that our no-sugar-added Instant Breakfasts are meatless (we are both fond of those when we’re in a hurry, don’t have much appetite in the mornings, or when it’s hot and we just don’t have any appetite), as are egg sandwiches, and several other breakfasts that are in our regular breakfast rotation can easily be meatless, as well, if they aren’t already.

So, I have been working on implementing our own “Meatless Monday” in our own fashion, as follows:

  • Sometime during the week, I try to plan one meatless supper meal. We prefer the flexibility of choosing when we have the meatless meal, rather than having it always be on Monday.
  • Once or twice a week, I try and fit in one or two meatless breakfasts, and also a meatless lunch when I can.
  • While I’m going to purchase some vegetable bouillon the next time I come across some at a reasonable price, my focus is on meat-free as opposed to wholly and truly vegetarian.
  • Along the same lines as the above, while I will, no doubt, begin exploring vegetarian dishes more to help expand my meatless repertoire, as hubby and I aren’t truly vegetarian, I don’t know to what extent, if any, that I might explore vegetarian meat substitutions. I’m just going to see where this road takes us.
  • Although the goal is to try and have, at the very least, a meatless supper dish one night a week, I’m not going to be fanatical about it. But at the very least, I figure we can easily fit in a vegetarian breakfast and/or lunch once or twice a week.

Just a few days after we’d discussed implementing a “Meatless Monday” concept, I was felled with the double-whammy of a severe stomach flu and bad fall when I fainted. For the first real meal I felt able to eat, I made us a meatless spaghetti — homemade spaghetti with some fresh mushrooms and green bell pepper, and it was delicious to me and satisfying to hubby. Our meatless breakfasts thus far have included no-sugar-added Instant Breakfast, meatless breakfast tacos (egg roll-ups, as hubby affectionately calls them), meatless omelets, and such. Our meatless supper dishes for the past couple of weeks (and likely for next week, as well) have been reduced-fat cheese enchiladas (the pack of corn tortillas I purchased is 24 to a package, which is enough to make 3 batches of 8 enchiladas each). Meatless lunches for me have thus far included a childhood comfort food favorite of macaroni with tomato sauce (diced tomatoes are yummy with it, as well); another was baked potato and grilled vegetables.

Still need convincing to give the “Meatless Monday” concept a try? Sir Paul McCartney has a song about it — I mean, how cool is that? 🙂


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I love tasty food prepared in a healthy way with a budget in mind.
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