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So It’s Not the Plaza…

…but the Waldorf-Astoria is none-too-shabby, either, eh? ūüėČ When I was planning out our Fat Tuesday meal, I decided I wanted a salad to have with the jambalaya, but I didn’t want a typical tossed salad. After some pondering, I … Continue reading

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It’s a Jumble

The hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day aren’t all that the month of February has to offer: February also has Mardis Gras! If you’re unfamiliar with Mardis Gras, never fear, it’s Wikipedia to the rescue: The terms “Mardi Gras”…”Mardi Gras … Continue reading

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Well, Pooh!

No, no, I don’t mean Winnie the Pooh — I’m talking about the Pu Pu Platter! As handy, dandy Wikiepedia tells us: A Pu Pu platter, Pu-Pu platter or pupu platter is a tray of American Chinese cuisine consisting of … Continue reading

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How’s About a Hiss Hello? ;-)

This year, February 10, 2013 kicked off the New Year of the Water Snake under the Chinese Lunar Calendar.¬†As Wikipedia tells us: Chinese New Year¬†is the most important of the¬†traditional Chinese holidays. In China, it is known as “Spring Festival,” … Continue reading

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Burgundy, Did You Say?

Ah, Beef Burgundy.¬†Boeuf Bourguignon.¬†As Wikipedia tells us: Beef bourguignon¬†(US¬†pron.:¬†/ňĆbiňźf¬†ňĆb ä…ôr…°…®nňąj…Ēňźn/) or¬†bŇďuf bourguignon¬†(UK¬†/ňĆb…úrf¬†ňąb ä…ôr…°…®nj…Ēňźn/;¬†French¬†pronunciation:¬†‚Äč[bŇďf bu Ā.…°i.…≤…ĒŐÉ]), also called¬†beef Burgundy,¬†and¬†boeuf √† la Bourguignonne,¬†is a well-known, traditional¬†French recipe. The dish originates from the¬†Burgundy¬†region (in French, Bourgogne) which is in the east of present-day France, as do … Continue reading

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Hold the Cream

No, I’m not talking about coffee or tea — I’m talking about a lighter, healthier¬†Creamless Potato Gratin. This past Sunday, I decided to use a beef roast from the freezer (bought on sale, of course!) to try out an easy … Continue reading

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Questo è Pesce

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. So goes the old saying. One night last week, we decided to have fish for supper. … Continue reading

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