Chaos Theory

As I mentioned in my last post, our house has been in chaos due to complications with Operation Laundry Room and my beloved’s tree-trimming accident, which left him with a compression fracture of the T12 vertebrae.

A double rod pendulum animation showing chaotic behavior.

A double rod pendulum animation showing chaotic behavior.

Prior to my beloved’s accident, we had a tentative date set to meet up with dear friend P, who lives in the D/FW area, and N, who was visiting from her home in France. Hubby has known P since junior high, and he’s known N since high school, when she attended his and P’s high school as an exchange student from France and she lived with P and her family.

However, in light of hubby’s accident, P called and said she and N would drive (from the D/FW area) out to our place to see us (they came Monday before last, 10-Mar-14), as hubby is not up for any sort of travel at the moment.

I warned them that the house was in chaos because of Operation Laundry Room, but they assured us it was fine.

Now, I could have obsessed over the chaos in the house — which I really had no control over — or I could focus on the joy and pleasure of having two dear friends visit.

I chose the latter.

The first things I put my mind to (after clearing the dining room table enough to permit us to use it by moving as much overflow from the laundry room to our son’s old room) were the menu and the table setting. I enjoy looking forward to and planning an event almost as much as the event itself!

I wanted a meal that would be easy — as in, I could do most of the prep ahead of time, with minimal work once our friends arrived — and that would, hopefully, be something a bit different for our friends to enjoy, but would also be healthy and yummy.

After spending happy time looking through my cookbooks and Googling, hubby and I decided upon the following menu:

Once our menu was set, I knew how to set the table. It doesn’t take much effort or time to set a festive table, and I enjoy making a table welcoming for any fun, festive, and/or special occasion. I set the table on Sunday afternoon — less last minute stress! — and picked the flowers, which grow wild on the embankment in front of our house and serve as the first harbingers that spring will come, on Monday morning.

A Table Setting Doesn't Have to be Complicated to be Festive!

A Table Setting Doesn’t Have to be Complicated to be Festive!

As you can see, I decided to use bowls for the salad instead of salad plates because I felt they would be more practical for the type of salad. P and N kindly brought the wine (hence the wine glasses), and N also brought a lovely bouquet of flowers.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable visit with our friends, and P, N, and I followed up lunch with a pasture walk to help build up our appetite for cookies. 🙂

I was also quite pleased that the food went over well, and N even said she’d never had anything like it before. 🙂

Their visit was proof that even in the midst of chaos, peace and joy can be found. 🙂

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