As you may have surmised from the title I’ve chosen, one of my passions — and, therefore, the focus of this blog — is food. I like tasty food prepared in a healthy manner. Yes, of course, I indulge sometimes in things that aren’t as healthy for me as they could be, but the majority of the time, I tend to focus on affordable, easily obtainable foods prepared in a tasty, healthy way. I live in the Piney Woods of East Texas in a 100+ year old small (2 bedroom, 1 bath) home on 25 acres. This can be as charming as it sounds when you’re not thinking on or performing the repairs and such necessary for an older home. 😉 My beloved and I are self-employed and we more or less work from home.  My beloved step-son (my dear boy — we have an awesome relationship) is now married and expecting his first child in the next month or so. and he and his wife welcomed our granddaughter, little Miss Ava Corinne, into the world on 03-22-11! On 06-13-13, our perfect Miss Ava was joined by her brother, Master C. Andrew — lil Andy! 😉 Also sharing our home with us is Sid (acronym for “Stray Independent Dog”), a 90 or so pound canine who joined us several years ago as a stray. Alas, it is with a sad heart that I report that we had to put our dear Sid to rest on January 16, 2012. We are taking comfort in the many happy and joyous memories we built with her. Ally, our gorgeous and spirited calico kitty, has was been with us since she was a kitten so small she could rest easily in the palm of my hand — and I’ve got small hands. She’s nearing 13 14 15.  It is with a sad and heavy heart that I tell you that we laid our sweet Ally McKitty to rest on Monday, 21-Apr-14. 😦 She was 16, bless her. We miss her, but are also relieved that she’s at peace (she suffered with failing kidneys and then, at the last, cancer, bless her). Little Black Kitty (LBK) is the youngest of our troupe. A sleekly elegant black cat with startlingly vibrant green eyes, she showed up in 2008 during Hurricane Ike. It is with a sad and heavy heart that I report that LBK lost her life on October 27,  2011. We aren’t sure what happened to her, but she lost a battle with some creature in our yard. She has left a gaping hole in our family. 😦 Three weeks and one day ago as I write this (on August 22, 2012), another stray cat entered our life. This cat was the most bedraggled, most pitiful stray we’ve ever seen. Balding above her eyes; dull, thin fur; grass and other debris she cared not one whit about caught up and dangling in her whiskers; and rail thin. Hubby and I finally gave in and fed her…and when she tentatively asked for us to pet her as her way of saying thanks, we realized how truly thin she was — it felt as though her shoulder blades would break through her skin. We dubbed her “Scraggles.” Rather to our Ally’s irritation, Scraggles has stayed (she’s currently taken up residence under our house), and so today, we took her to the vet’s for a check-up. She is free of feline leukemia, and although she’s missing her upper and lower front teeth (excepting an impressive pair of fangs), she is in good health. She is a rangy, athletically-built black cat with green eyes and copper-colored highlights along her back, front legs, and chest, with hints of copper highlighting on her hind legs. Once she’s recovered from her shots, we’ll take her back to the vet’s to be spayed. And after over a year of loving attention, health care, and food, Scraggles is now anything but scraggly — at her last appointment just a couple of days ago, on 10-01-13, she weighed in at 10.2 pounds! 🙂 Her fur is now thick and soft, and she purrs with delight when we pet her.  With a sad, breaking heart, I tell you that we lost our Scraggles this morning, 16-Jun-2015. 😦 We are heartbroken, and our Maisie has lost her bestus friend and playmate. If you’ve followed in my blog or know me, you know that 2014 has been an incredibly difficult year for me and my beloved. I will never be so glad to see the end of a year as I will this one. One happy note with this year, though — the Wednesday before Labor Day (27-August-14), a stray puppy showed up on our doorstep. She is ADORABLE and she adopted us. After checking for lost posters for her and waiting over the long weekend to see if anyone came searching for her, we decided she could be ours and took her in to our vet’s. She is part Jack Russell terrier and other terrier mix. The vet estimated her age to be 4 -5 months old. She’s been getting her puppy shots, and she has an appointment to be be spayed in mid October. Although hubby and I typically aren’t small dog people, this puppy has a big dog heart, and we both think that our late, beloved Sid and Big Dog conferred on their side of the Rainbow Bridge and sent this pup our way. We have named her Maisie Dobbs in honor of the character in Jacqueline Winspear’s books. I’m not as isolated as some but am more isolated than those of you who live in larger cities. I’m about 7 miles/11.26 km (one way) from the nearest convenience store. I’m 11 miles/17.7 km (one way) from the nearest grocery store, and about 14 miles/22/5 l, (one way) from the nearest WalMart Supercenter (which has a grocery). I tend to cook with budget and economy in mind. I try to take advantage of weekly specials and sales and like to stock my freezer and pantry when there’s a good special. While I enjoy making many things from scratch — I love baking bread and making my own pie crust, for example — I also sometimes use convenience products because they are, well, convenient! Healthy means different things to different people. We all have our own likes and dislikes, our own personal health concerns and family histories, our own way our body processes and reacts to food. When I prepare food for myself, my family, and my friends, I try to make it healthy by applying the following elements, as applicable:

  • Using lean cuts of meats
  • Including reduced-fat — not fat-free! — foods when possible
  • Employing lean cooking methods
  • Using “healthy” oils
  • Incorporating more whole grains, wheat grains, and fiber when we can do so without compromising on taste
  • Avoiding concentrated sugars
  • Balancing carbs and proteins

So welcome to my blog — and welcome to my kitchen, where my beloved nearly always says “Oh, that smells yummy!” 🙂

4 Responses to About

  1. Sylvia says:

    You have a blog? How did zi miss that you have a blog??? I loved this post… off to read more!

  2. daphne says:

    Hi Missie. Thanks so much for your always yummy dishes over thanksgiving and for the recipes all year long. You’re a peach. (mmm. That makes me want peach cobbler!) Love, daph

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