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Says You? Says Me!

Szechuan! 😉 January 31, 2014 marked the start of the Chinese Year of the Horse. To celebrate, I prepared a variety of Chinese-inspired dishes. Inspired by one of my small Chinese Favorites cooking magazine, I decided to try my take … Continue reading

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It’s Like a Shot…

…of penicillin. 😉 Well, that’s how Chicken Noodle Soup is often referred to, anyway — as Jewish penicillin. And according to researchers, Chicken Noodle Soup really does make you feel better, ‘though they aren’t sure why: The idea that chicken soup, often … Continue reading

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Feeling Provincial?

Er, uh, make than Provençal 😉 The 14th of July is Bastille Day. While I enjoyed how we celebrated last year, I wanted to find some new ways for us to celebrate this year. In all my Googling, one of the … Continue reading

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But Never on a Sunday!

I know there are people who just don’t cotton with using convenience foods — items such as gravy and soup mixes, pudding mixes, condensed soups, pasta mixes, instant foods and sauce mixes, and the like. I do understand and respect … Continue reading

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It’s a Jumble

The hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day aren’t all that the month of February has to offer: February also has Mardis Gras! If you’re unfamiliar with Mardis Gras, never fear, it’s Wikipedia to the rescue: The terms “Mardi Gras”…”Mardi Gras … Continue reading

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Cobb Style

And no, I’m not talking about the late, great actor, Lee J. Cobb, ‘though who can forget him — or any of the other stellar cast? — from “Twelve Angry Men.” Go on, admit it — whenever you get a … Continue reading

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A Dish for Lovers

Spaghetti lovers, that is. 😉 I’ve been going through a bit of an Italian-style phase lately with the new recipes I’ve been trying. One of my more recent attempts is a Spaghetti Lover’s Soup inspired by a recipe in a Simply … Continue reading

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