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Don’t Pass Me Over!

We had a quiet Easter this last Sunday, which is probably just as well, as beloved was recovering from a bad cold and I was struggling with coming down with a cold. And, I still don’t really have my cooking … Continue reading

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Some Enchanted Evening, Part 2 of 2

Losing Aunt Lois was a heart-breaking event that capped off a pretty lousy year. Having to break the news to my ailing mom on Christmas Eve was a challenge which I hoped I handled well (as well as one can, … Continue reading

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What’s Spanish About It?

I think it must be the olive. 😉 A few nights ago, I decided to make something we hadn’t had in a while — Spanish Meatloaf. My inspiration comes from a recipe in one of my Betty Crocker cookbooks. Betty’s version uses … Continue reading

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Get Him to the Greek…

…diner! 😉 The last Sunday before Thanksgiving week here, I got a hankering for something different for supper. Meatloaf sounded tasty, and I thought the leftover would make for yummy sandwiches during a busy week of holiday prep. But while … Continue reading

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And no, I’m not talking about the band 😉 (Hiya, Gene!) I’m talking about the old adage to “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” (Some delicate souls refer to it as “Keep It Simple, Silly.” *LOL*) It has been h-o-t here, and when … Continue reading

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